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Where there is a will there is a way

There is a way your legacy can reach across generations – through education. When you leave a bequest in your will to the Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union Scholarship Fund Inc you change the lives of boys who, with the help of the Marist Charism at Parramatta Marist High will have an impact on the lives of others for the better. Your bequest will be like a pebble thrown into a still pond. The ripples will reach out to the edges of the pond from a single point.

Why Make a Bequest?

Your bequest will help fund scholarships for boys who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn and grow at not only the oldest but also the leading Catholic Systemic School in Australia. We know from the history of our Old Boys Community that they will also have a positive impact on the wider community.

How to Make a Bequest

To make a bequest to the Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union Scholarship Fund Inc. include the recommended wording below for inclusion in your will. You can leave a specific amount or a proportion of your residual estate. As the Scholarship Fund is an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient by the ATO the gift may also help reduce the taxable income, if any, of your estate.

For further information contact the OBU Scholarship Treasurer, John Burke on 040404 5410 or by email using the Contact Form on this website.

Recommended wording for your Will

I (insert name) give to Parramatta Marist Old Boys’ Union Scholarship Fund Incorporated (ABN 39 739 941 600) (“the sum of $…………..” or “my ………….” (insert precise detail of a specific gift) or “my residuary estate” or “………. % of my residuary estate” or “my whole estate”) for its (insert either “general charitable purposes” or insert a specific purpose from the list below) and the receipt of its authorised officer, for the time being, is a sufficient discharge to my executors for the gift and I direct that this gift be firstly sourced from the income of my estate, if any, then from the balance of the estate.”

Examples of specific purposes:

  • To establish a Scholarship in my name
  • To establish a Scholarship in the name of the Class of [nominate a year].
  • To establish a scholarship in a particular field of study.

Notifying Parramatta Marist Old Boys’ Union Scholarship Fund

If you, a family member, a friend or a client decides to leave a bequest to the Parramatta Marist Old Boys’ Union Scholarship Fund, please notify us using our Contact us Form so we can personally offer our heartfelt thanks.

Honorary Solicitor Referral List

To help make it easier for Old Boys and their families wanting to make or change their Will and include a bequest Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union Scholarship Fund Inc there is a list of honorary solicitors available. The purpose of the Honorary Solicitors is that they can be available on occasions to write simple Wills, without charge, only for Old Boys and their families who wish to include a bequest of $500 or more to the Scholarship Fund.
The Honorary Solicitor Referral List can be found below.
We welcome additions to the list from Old Boy solicitors. Send us a message using the contact form on this website.

The Solicitors

Chris Dunn

Watts McCray LawyersParramatta Marist High Class of 1975
Suite 3.18 The Nexus Building Level 3 4 Columbia Court Norwest NSW 2153 Australia Work Phone: (02) 9680 6800 Website:
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