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FAQs – Donations and other Fundraising

Can I only make a donation online?

No, you can make a donation by direct deposit or electronic funds transfer (EFT), then complete the PDF Donation Form, (which can be downloaded HERE), and email the form to the email address on the form.

The PDF form has fillable fields so you can complete the form on your computer using a PDF reader. Save the form as you go. When complete save the form. You can also print the form.

You can also use the PDF donation form for donations by cheque or by credit card when you do not want to use the online facility. The donation form is then sent by surface mail.

If you cannot print the PDF donation form then you can send us a handwritten note with your details.

FAQs – Scholarship Applications

What is the Difference between a Scholarship and a Bursary?

Technically bursaries or awards are usually given to students based on personal circumstances, such as income and need. Scholarships are usually competitive and based on academic merit. The two terms are used interchangeably.

Some of the Parramatta Marist Old Boys Union Scholarships are based on academic and associated merit, while others are based upon need and equity, and others are based upon a combination of both.

These days the terms scholarship and bursary are loosely interchangeable in everyday language. To reduce confusion we regard a scholarship to be based on academic merit and equity or need. Whereas bursaries are primarily concerned with equity or financial need.