Toby (Taleb) Nasr (Class of 1992)

General Practitioner with over 20 years of experience.

I feel fortunate to have received a quality education at Parramatta Marist as this set the foundation for my tertiary studies and medical career. The combination of dedicated teachers, a supportive learning environment, a strong Catholic upbringing reinforced by the Marist Charism, and the significant sacrifices my parents made, have forged a lasting impression in my life.

I truly am indebted to Parramatta Marist and the OBU Scholarship Fund is one way I feel I can help make a difference in the lives of current students. For me, it is an acknowledgement of what faith and education can achieve and an expression of appreciation for the opportunities that Parramatta Marist created for me. It is extremely humbling and powerfully uplifting to know that in some way you are continuing a great tradition and helping other young men go forth with strength and pride

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